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February 02 2015

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A->O (2013)
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January 26 2015

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Anyone recognize those beautiful men in my sociology professor’s presentation?

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January 19 2015

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so today, my friend Tyler went to Publix. he noticed that there was a promotional sale for Sun Drop, because like no one here buys it, and they were selling them for like almost 6 cents a bottle.

so naturally, Tyler bought 600 bottles.

it took 3 cars to transport all of the Sun Drop, and he currently has 70 in his garage, 70 in his room, and the rest is stored at another friend’s house.

without the discounts, his purchase would have added up to $935.

he spent $34

hes the guy we learn about in math

so naturally, Tyler bought 600 bottles.

this guy is literally the definition of “i dont wanna LOSE MONEY on this deal”

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magia zupy czy cos.
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this is my new favourite thing in the world

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Happy Birthday Mr. Poe
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December 25 2014

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